Additional services


Hunt4IT aims to offer its clients a full range of services that support the recruitment process and preservation of IT specialists. We encourage you to discover our long list of additional services that may prove to be helpful solutions for your company.

Perfect recruitment

Upon a client’s request we analyze candidates’ selected competencies or technical skills. By using reliable and tested tools we are able to determine the quality of a programmer’s code as well as their problem-solving skills. We also look at soft skills, predispositions towards taking on particular roles within a team, or successful motivating factors. We organize work-day simulations and assessment centers. The research will allow you to pick the person which not only meets your desired technical skill requirements but also the one best suited to your team and the projected role. This will allow you to consciously shape your internal company culture. It will have a transitional effect on the effectiveness in communication between team members and their involvement that are key factors in productivity. It will also minimize turnover of specialists hired by you and lowering the costs of recruitment and training of new employees that would take their place. An ideally selected team is a key factor in company’s stable development and improved competitiveness. The cost of the analysis depends on the chosen variant.


We recruit IT specialists for contract bidding

Express orders “On the double”

In such cases, 2000 PLN paid in advance is required, which is refunded if we are unable to present the first candidate that meets your requirements within 4 days.

Exclusive recruiter

A recruiter specially-assigned to a given process who immediately addresses your order and treats it as an absolute priority. This results in an up to 60% faster recruitment process.

Branch in Poland

Polish IT specialists are among the best in the world. As such we help managers of foreign companies opening local branches in Poland while providing law, accounting, and organizational support, along with IT specialist recruitment or even a ready, harmonious team.

Documentation for foreigners

We help in getting a visa and residence permit for candidates outside of the European Union.

HR department consulting

We provide substantive support for our partner companies in the form of advising and consulting for company employees responsible for recruiting IT specialists. This way we are able to improve the recruitment process methods within your company and conduct trainings on good practices that positively impact your external image, which is one of the deciding factors behind attracting IT specialists to job interviews. Moreover, we share our knowledge in the range of possible activities that keep IT specialists with your company. We are able to help you counteract the “leeching” of specialist away from your company by recruitment agencies.

Association for the Development of Polish IT XYZ (in the process of being established)

Hunt4IT is the founder of the XYZ Association for the Development of Polish IT, which aims to improve the Polish IT/IC sector in areas like conducting development research for this sector, simplifying collaboration between creators, the scientific community and business, providing comprehensive support for the development of small and medium IT enterprises, exchanging knowledge by organizing cyclical programmer meetings, promoting good practices in HR services in IT, conducting activities that are promoting Polish solutions and technologies at home and abroad, and many others. The Association also aims to support young people (high-schoolers and university students) from poorer households who want to gain the knowledge required to enter the IT job market. 30% of earnings gained thanks to your company picking the third variant of collaboration with Hunt4IT is put towards XYZ. By taking advantage of this service clients are permitted to designate themselves as XYZ Association sponsors, also for marketing purposes. In the future it will also be possible to become an educational patron of one of the Association's pupils, preparing them for potential future employment in your company.