How do we improve your recruitments?

Improved recruitments with Hunt4IT

Thanks to long term experience as an IT recruitment agency we understand the specifics of the IT sector as well as the needs and preferences of our sought-out specialists. Thanks to this we are able to improve the effectiveness of our mutual recruitments in the following areas:

Improved company image = greater responsiveness to offers

In a well organized and connected IT community, the opinions concerning a given company become public information. Many organizations, regardless of their good intentions, are faced with the problem of specialists shying away from working for them. Knowing the factors that may cause this, we are able to suggest changes to the company which would lead to improvement in their reputation among IT specialists.

Attractive offer = greater interest

Prior to our recruitment process, we undergo a thorough discussion with you about your company and the project for which you need specialists. Thanks to our knowledge about what is most sought out by experts, we are able to compose such IT job offer descriptions that will undoubtedly result in greater interest among potential candidates than with traditional position descriptions.

Job market report = hiring costs optimization

What will attract candidates more - a multisport card and a work phone, or training in a new, frontier-pushing technology? How much should we offer a .NET developer with 4 years of experience? Answering these questions becomes easy thanks to our reports, prepared not on the basis of internet surveys, but rather on the real expectations of candidates who took part in our recruitments.

Efficient process = effective recruitment

IT specialists form a career group that receives multiple job offers daily. A given person’s interest in a job posting is often not enough. An equally important element becomes the efficiency and approachability of the recruitment process itself. Using our experience and with the company’s cooperation, we strive to work out a means of communication that is fast and satisfactory to candidates. We aim for the same results in verifying candidates’ abilities.