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Dear Client, Candidate

I often hear that the IT sector is difficult and finding a suitable candidate is a challenge. A future employer seeks not only candidate’s skills but also a personality that will fit the team. Having over 8 years of experience in recruitment and headhunting in IT, I can say that half the success behind an effective IT recruitment is:

1. Understanding that the best candidates are typically individuals who are not considering a change of work and do not feel that they need to - we uncover this need by demonstrating new opportunities and benefits. This is the foundation of our effectiveness and uniqueness.
2. Awareness of the fact that the best candidates are not attracted by the highest salaries, but mainly by transparent information about the workplace and opinions regarding the Employer.

By this offer we would like to demonstrate how crucial is experience in the IT recruitment as well as understanding of a company and its needs in the recruitment process. We are confident that having finished reading our statement, you would be convinced that by working with Hunt4IT you will gain not only candidates, but also a reliable, long term partner for IT team development.
Aneta Cisek
We present the candidates, who genuinely want to work at the company, to our clients,
while our candidates will receive offers that match reality.

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How do clients and candidates rate their work with us?
  • I am very pleased with the way Aneta conducted the recruitment process. I received a lot of important information - that is often missing when recruitment is carried out with the participation of the agency - about the job offer and the company to which I applied. Aneta has shown great interest in the progress of the recruitment process and in my opinion on this subject. One of the best recruitment processes I have participated in!
  • Ms Aneta gave me a lot of information that helped me a lot during recruitment process. Until the end, she also tried to help negotiate the final terms of employment.
    Quality Assurance Lead
  • Focus on the target, friendly communication, support at every stage of the recruitment process finalized with execution of the contract.
    R Developer
  • The Hunt4IT is characterized by a professional approach to the recruitment process. They always bring the recruitment process to the end despite all odds. I highly recommend Hunt4IT as a company that approaches their clients individually and is always on-hand.
    Robert K
    Controlling Director (IT)
  • Over the course of a shared project I valued the most a communication between our company and Hunt4IT as well as direct and concrete feedback concerning all aspects of the project. I fully recommend Hunt4IT to all potential clients.
    Jakub Ogórek
    IT Financial Director
  • Thanks to Hunt4IT’s actions we noticeably strengthened our team in a short period of time.
    Bartłomiej Romański
    RTB House
  • The project was executed quickly and in accordance with high quality expectations.
    Magdalena Chwalczyk-Słupek
    Plastics Group
  • In our foregoing cooperation OK the Hunt4IT team has proven itself to be a reliable partner, realizing obligations with full professionalism and leaving zero reservations. In spite of our unusually high expectations and specific needs concerning sought-for employees, the company’s consultants were able to effectively seek out many potential candidates. Thanks to Hunt4IT’s actions we noticeably strengthened our team in a short period of time.
    Bartłomiej Romański
    RTB House
  • Hunt4IT has a huge potential, being defined by their involvement as well as attention to saving clients’ time.
    Adrianna Kilińska
  • In my opinion, Aneta and her team did an excellent job, helping us secure true top talent from a very narrow, technology specific market. I can honestly recommend Aneta and the entire Hunt4IT team to anyone, who is in need of effective recruitment services. I am certain she will be an important factor to growth of your business.
    Andrzej Świątkowski
  • By choosing my profile the agency was able to successfully define my personality in accordance with employer expectations, my future responsibilities and future coworkers
    PHP Developer

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